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Are You A Business Firm, Consultant Or Entrepreneur Currently Seeking For Recurring High-Value Clients? 


For you to remain in business, you need to know how to generate leads and paying customers as they are the lifeblood of your business. The problem however is that you are at a loss on how to profitably do it.

Since 2012 when I started out as a Bulk SMS Consultant and now a full fledged Online Marketer, I have been helping businesses generate leads and clients through results-oriented online marketing strategies.

Presently, I am able to take on new clients as I have some openings.

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Your Full-Service Online Sales Agency

Wafservices Int’l Agency is an online sales agency in Nigeria that helps clients grow their businesses with online methods. We assist you to increase your sales and profits using proven strategies to sell online.


Vivian Moloku

This training was an eyeopener and very informative, the facilitator was very knowledgeable about Internet marketing…. . Looking forward to Phase II as I learnt more than i could imagine

Dopamu Olaniyi-

Crazy Ideas Running Through My Mind!

My name is Dopamu Olaniyi, CEO, Dohperm Creative Concepts, also Resource Manager, MIAS Productions, both companies into packaging & presentation of audiovisuals , Roadshows, Contents Development & biographies (both Print & Digital).

Wow! It is hard to imagine how new crazy ideas are running through my mind right now. The whole set-up is brilliant! Anyway, Funmi, thanks so much.

Abiodun Zannou
Abiodun Zannou

I Now Know The Best Means Of Attracting My Target Market
Dear Mrs Funmi, the knowledge I gained from your digital marketing class was so amazing, a big eye opener for me in terms of getting my business and services known to the corporate world.

As an IFRS expert, auditor and tax consultant, I’ve been cracking my brains on the best ways to market my services to blue chip companies, but all that has become history now as I now know the best means of attracting my target market.
Thumbs up for WAF Services.

Mrs Williams
Mrs Williams

Very educative and informative class. I learnt how I can market my products the right way.

We Have Everything You Need To Increase Your Sales

Email Marketing

People are receiving about 3000 marketing messages every day. How do you ensure yours is opened and read amidst the clutter? Our email marketing solutions allow you to reach your targeted audience with a clear and persuasive message that ultimately increases your revenue generation.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is budget-friendly, hits the mark  as over 95% of text messages are read within the first four minutes. It also gets your customers to act as it has been proven that 19% of people will click a link in a SMS campaign rather than just 4.2% for emails. SMS Marketing produces results which is what you want.

Online Sales Mastery Training

Are you looking for a seasoned Online Marketing expert to guide you into the world of Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Effective Lead Generation?  I can train you or your employees to comprehend effective online marketing strategies that yield positive results.